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Every purchase raises money and awareness for Testicular Cancer. Find Out More.

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31 Reviews

Jamie Pippard

Love the products they fit great and are well made worth every penny!!

Aaron Lovett

Some of the most comfortable underwear I have ever bought. Material stays where it is meant to so no leg chafing! All the designs I've been sent so far are great too. Best part is, it's so cheap, and for a good cause!

Phill Darling

Awesome fit for those blokes who dare to have thighs! Missus is happy too as I can now throw out my more "vintage" pants. Great work.


Well what can I say, we all have those "old faithful" boxers, nice and comfy, worn in and a bit tatty around the edges. Slip on a pair of Oddballs and they feel like a pair of your old faithfuls, snug, comforting and keeping you where your should eb without getting all snaggled and caught up, and to top it all off you get a pair of socks as well. Any profits go to making sure we are aware of how to look after our balls, win win win for all.

Antony Whiston

When my monthly subscribtion of boxers and socks drops through the letterbox it never ever dissapoints. Fantastic quality great charitable cause and a wonderful way to get lads aware about Testicular Cancer even when it's initially just about my boxers in the gym changing rooms.

Neil Chapman

Great service, great product and great cause. Oddballs really is an amazing company.

Stephan Barker

Perfect fit, great designs, most comfortable boxers I've ever worn,


Boxers were great and my socks came and are good but my sister had a odd balls pin in her order not sure why I didnt get one as i would wear it to school. Could you please send me one out. thank you.

neil ross

love the designs - the speedy service - the comfiest kecks you can buy online and support a great cause

neil ross

the comfiest kecks you can get online and support a great charity. superb delivery speed even when they are royal fail in the UK. keep it up folks..

Glad you like the kecks Neil and thanks for the support. Maybe next time we can get that last star ;)

Peter Hughes

What can be better than a fresh pair of duds once a month

Simon Hainsworth

Another great product!

Dave Barr

They are the most comfortable pants I've ever worn.

Martin Gregory

Absolutely shamazing!!!

Chris Snith

Love my odd balls boxers they are the comfiest around my balls

Robert Marshall


I love that oddballs offer the newest pair of product before they come to the market and its a really good addition so we dont have to buy them everytime a new pair of boxers or socks come out.

Steffan Penry-Williams

Epic idea from oddballs. Been buying boxers from here for a while and nearly have a complete set. Glad the subscription process came along as my fiancée was fed up with me buying boxers and shorts in bulk!

Ian Lowe

Dont mean this to sound strange but Properly addicted to my oddball garms and with the new subscription,i carnt wait to see the next new design keep up the great work and the support

Greg Hayes

If I'm honest although the pants are great, I was disappointed that agreeing to subscribe was treated as just another sale. Nothing in the bag to make you feel as though you were a member of a subscription service just an invoice very disappointed

Hi Greg, very sorry to hear that. With the subscription you get the new designs exclusively one month before going on general and special gifts only for Oddballs subscription members

Martyn Savident

Fantastic offer really good price and the service is second to none Such a great corse

Ian Newman

Great product as ever, and the new designs early, free delivery as it's on subscription, and a new pair every month, what's not to love

Ed Whelan

Well worth the cash. Great quality and brilliant designs

Gavin McKay

Great way to keep up with new styles but only issue is my Mrs tells me I need to get shot off my old ones as I have too many now! It wont be happening lol. Sign up - free delivery and new pants every month...

Wayne Austin

Snazzy designs Comfy to wear Everyone should have a pair

Matthew Payne

So comfy and designs are great.

Darren Laban


Great idea having a subscription service and looking forward to receiving a new design every month.

james whitham

Perfect as expected

Dave Barrott

New pair of the comfiest boxers every month with free p&p! No brainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

My email address isn't recognised?

Your email address isn't automatically created into an account, you will need to create and account using the email address linked to your subscription. Once your account is created you will be able to make any changes. 

How do I amend my style/size/type? 

To amend your style or size, simply log into your account and change the style or size. You need to have created an account in order to make changes. 

Can I exchange or return an item?

Perhaps the pair we sent you may not be your size? No problem, if this is the case you have 30 days to return the item for an exchange, we can’t refund subscription items unless the fault lies with us. The items must not have been open or worn.

What if i don’t like the design you have sent?

You have 30 days to return the item for an exchange, we do not offer refunds on subscription products Or give it to a friend or family member - someone else might love it!

Can I subscribe to multiple products?

Of course you can, simply purchase all of the subscriptions you would like - we handle the rest. You can also add new subscriptions onto your current account to ensure they arrive at the same time. 

When do my products arrive?

Your products will arrive with you 3-5 working days after your “Anniversary" date. Your anniversary date is the date you first signed up to the subscription service. 

All subscriptions moving forwards will be shipped out by us on the 2nd/3rd of each month after payment has cleared, you will receive your items within 3-5 workings days after this date.

Can I use my ambassador discount for the service?

Unfortunately on this occasion, you won’t be able to use your discount code, as you’re receiving the items before general release and getting the best deal possible. PS - we are also covering postage costs - (so it actually works out better than your discount wink wink).

When will I be charged for my products?

You will be charged for your first months subscription on the day you sign up. After this, payments will be taken on 1st of each month. If payment can't be taken we will attempt to take payment again on the 2nd and 3rd.
We have to take payment before the products are packed and shipped from us each month. If there is an issue with payment we will contact you by email. The email you will receive the notifications from is

Where do you ship to?

Our OddBalls subscription service is only available to people in the UK currently. We are looking to expand this to anywhere in the world later this year. 

What are the socks about?

Each month you will also receive a brand new pair of socks. These socks have been chosen to complement the underwear design. You will pick your size when you subscribe. If you don't like the design we are unable to exchange the socks, we hope they'll double up as a stocking filler come December! 

When are new designs launched?

Each month we will launch a new underwear design to subscribers a month before they go on general sale. The design of the underwear isn't a surprise but you will receive it 3-4 weeks before it is available to the general public.

Can I cancel my subscription?

If you'd like to cancel your monthly membership, you'll need to log into your account page. From there, click the ‘ Unsubscribe’ button - it’s as simple as that.


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