Custom Products

If you have any questions about custom/bespoke products please call us on: 0191 296 3098.
Final product images must be confirmed by the customer, before production can be started. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are there minimum orders on Custom Products?

- For bobble hats, our embroidery machines work in batches of 8, so that is the minimum. If you'd like more than 8, you would have to order 16, or 24, or 32... Get it? ...It's the 8 times table ;) 

- The minimum order is 10 Custom Swimmers.

- The minimum order on Polo-Shirts is 10.

But fear not though - we can make as many as you need! 

How long will it be until my Custom Products are made?

- 3 weeks for bespoke bobble hats.

- As our Custom Swimmers are made in the UK, they’ll be at your door and #CoveringYourTackle within 2 weeks. 

- 3 weeks for embroidered Polo-Shirt.

How do I create Custom Products?

Follow our super easy, step-by-step Kit Creator. Get creative as you’d like with them!

I'm struggling with Kit-Creator, can you help?

Sure. Email with what you’d like to create and quantities and we’ll get back to you asap! 

Are there any hidden costs to creating custom products?

Nope! No set up fees, no design fees.

Who should I email if I have any questions about custom products? 

We’re happy to hear from you if you have any questions - drop an email.

Are there discounts for larger orders?

We’re always open to offers. Got a squad of 50, 70 or maybe even 100? Feel free to email us with your enquiry. 


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